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Approached by Ryan Martin and Nick Irvin of Martin Wireless in need of a loan. They asked again for $50k with an high risk interest rate and other favorable terms. We agreed.

Ryan and Martin Wireless defaulted on their first payment, but before doing so they presented our company with false transactional and bank statements that they had fabricated to indicate they had made a payment. On calling them out on this falsified paperwork Ryan and Nick both decided to then go completely silent.

We are now in the process of calling the note and pursuing them for the balance plus attorneys fees. Ryan signed both a personal guaranty as well as listed his company's assets as collateral for the loan. This transactions has been poorly handled all around.

We are posting this review as a warning to others not to do business with Ryan, Nick, or Martin Wireless LLC.

This reviewer shared experience about problems with payment and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $60000. This person is overall dissatisfied with Martin Wireless and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #1281805

Better business rating D+. What a joke. What does this say about the company

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1281108

Same situation is happening currently with another lender. Ryan Martin of Martin wireless owes 17k and has stopped answering phone calls and blocked phone numbers like a coward.

Luckily i have received some payments and collateral but after selling off the collateral i will be going after him for the remainder balance. Dont lend to this company. From my experience i would not recommend anyone work with this kid. He lies and makes excuses like no other and i have about 30 pages of messages to prove it.

In my opinion he has acted like a coward when ive tried numerous times to reach him to work out details of collecting the remaining balance but Ryan obviously doesnt care about good business practices or about getting slapped with another lawsuit. He even hired a security guard because of the first lender who he was scared of. I feel this company has lost its once decent reputation due to the lack of ryans ability to run his own business and missing payment dates. Ive been told by some of his employees that even their paychecks bounced.

This is my personal experience with dealing with Martin wireless and Ryan martin and Nick Irvin.

If they paid back their debt i would retract my statement but as of today hes 4 months late and 17k short of this going away anytime soon. Lenders/customers beware


It's a leased car because he can't afford to buy. Let alone pay his employees

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1268544

definitely do not recommend anyone to work with him from my experience

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1207021

Anyone want to know where Mr. Nick lives?

I will gladly post his address if you are looking to potentially seize assets. Let me know.

to Anonymous #1361157

Sure post both addresses of nick and ryan

Jennings Lodge, Oregon, United States #1205860

Sounds about right....that clown was running around in a car with ''Martin wireless" all over it until he took he stickers off a few weeks back. Maybe you guys are looking to seize his assets??

Los Angeles, California, United States #1204196


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